Old Spice, a Proctor & Gamble brand, launched its new hair care line on January 27, 2014. They expanded into the men's hair care category with the introduction of an all-new collection of hair care and styling products, offering an assortment of shampoos, conditioners and styling products.
The new product line was launched with a social media campaign and Super Bowl commercial. However, Old Spice’s current campaign “Mandroid” doesn’t focus on any of the brands specific offers, and its newest line is becoming lost in the shuffle.
Promoting the new product line across their social media channels could help boost awareness and sales of their new products.

Situation Analysis

Social Media Channels
• Twitter – 224k followers
• YouTube – 427k subscribers
• Instagram – 25k followers
• Tumblr – unknown
• Facebook - 2.69 million likes

Old Spice is most active on Twitter and YouTube, but has a growing Instagram presence. The vast majority of their content is entertainment, with most brand content being reposts of videos or images from their commercials and occasionally content or campaigns created for social. They follow the 80/20 entertainment/promotions ratio for social media. Their entertainment content is absurdist, tongue in cheek humor in line with their overall brand tone and often reference typical masculine pursuits like food and football.

• Strengths – strong social following and high engagement value, established brand voice
• Weaknesses – entering new market
• Opportunities – loyal Old Spice users unaware of new product line, men unhappy or without a current hair care and styling products brand loyalty
• Threats – competition already has established hair product lines

Axe – Same product, same target, same pricing, with established hair product line. Only difference is in psychographics. Have to differentiate and appeal to brand loyalty and image.

Creative Brief

Client: Old Spice
• Create a social media campaign to for new hair care and styling product line.

• Increase market share of Old Spice hair care and styling products in segment
• Increase sales of product line by 2%
• Increase awareness of new product line through social media channels

Target Audience:
• Men 18-35
• Humor lovers, active online and on social media, familiar with or loyal customers of Old Spice
• Not aware of mainstream fashion trends, may not completely understand the product or how to use it.
• Active members of subcultures, specifically on the Internet, relating to sports, music, TV shows, video games or websites such as Reddit.
• Self-aware Millennials, bored with traditional advertising, tend to tune out clutter. Need to speak to their specific interests or sense of humor to engage.

• Social media – Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook

What do they think:
• They’re familiar with the brand, may be unaware of hair care and styling products or not convinced to switch brands, or even use the product.

What do we want them to think:
• They want to try products because they like our brand image and will enjoy the quality and value, developing into loyal customers.

Reasons to Believe
• Strong brand loyalty, unique promotions, authenticity on social channels

• Absurdist style + authenticity

• Humorous, self-aware, absurdist, tongue in cheek

• Try our new products
• Switch to Old Spice brand hair care and styling products
• Become loyal Old Spice product users

• Short-form videos for Twitter (Vine), Snapchat and Instagram
• Photo content for all channels, focus on Snapchat and Instagram
• Long-form videos for YouTube
• Humor content for Twitter


• Recruit men’s hair style experts for brand. Similar to Ricki Hall – funny, authentic, trend-setting, part of segment they’re selling to. Rough look, not high fashion. Large social media following, respected in fashion world but relatively unknown outside of it. Someone who's an expert but relatable to the target market.
• Engage with user generated content.
• Short videos, product action shots. Show style, how to use product.
• Continue high levels of humor content, but devote 30% of space to selling, of that devote 75% to hair products. After campaign return to 80/20 model.

• Very popular platform in segment, most powerful way to reach our audience
• Increase proportion of selling content
• Styling tips from brand style experts in form of Vines (6 second videos)
• Established social platform with previous campaigns
• Long-form style tip videos with brand style experts
• Fast growing platform in segment, not used by many brands – uncluttered
• Create brand Snapchat – short form photo and video sharing app
• “Show Your Style” contests - win hair products
• “Snap Style” – show product in use with brand style experts
• Poor platform for absurdist humor, but good for high quality style photography
• Shift to high quality style shots, but still incorporate humor
• Share styles and style tips from brand experts in form of short videos
• Excellent platform for absurdist humor, large amount of user generated content
• Engage user-generated humor content
• Share content from other social channels
• Declining platform, but still necessary
• Share more photos and videos, less text-only posts
• Use for social customer service
• Share content from other social channels

Cover Photo Credit: Old Spice