Consumption Report: Baseball and Bisexuals

I recently discovered that the author of my favorite book from my youth, Summerland by Michael Chabon, is from Pittsburgh! And less surprisingly has written other books that I somehow never realized I could also read! It may be because Summerland is actually my sister’s book that I stole from her many times over the years to read, or because I was a child who read dozens of random books from the New Castle Public Library without ever remembering the names of the authors or books.

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Consumption Report: Podcasts, more like "Podmass," I listen to too many podcasts

Somehow I have gained the ability to listen to podcasts. My whole life I have been incapable of audio learning. In lectures I would have to be taking notes or looking at the book or even just doodling just to stay focused. But I started listening to the Cracked Podcast at work and now I’m subscribed to Too Many Podcasts. It’s 45. I’m subscribed to 45 podcasts.

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hahaha I'm bad at blogging

So school's over. I probably graduated, but who knows!!! Wow! It was a really hard semester, mainly because of mental health issues that I refuse to seek treatment for. I've been trying to establish a routine since I'm working nights now and live in constant darkness. I finally bought a S.A.D. light therapy lamp and have been meditating and doing yoga and drinking water because that's what proactive healthy people do. I don't know, we'll see if it works. I finished college, I have a job, I'm trying to move somewhere. My life is changing and I really want the next phase to start with good habits and choices.
Also my sister got me Moscow Mule mugs for Christmas so I'm more Ginger Beer than ever.

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Back to Basic

Wow I don't know how to start these. Ayo.

I got to read Marx for my World Geography class, which I'm pretty sure is gonna be my favorite this semester. I've really enjoyed everything we've read for the class, but I feel like we keep getting stuck on the basics. The only other thing I don't like about it, and this goes for a few classes, is I feel like I'm the only one talking. I hate when people don't talk in class because I always feel pressure to at least guess so we can keep it moving. Plus I feel like it makes me look like I think I'm smarter than everyone. I've started like trying to feel out the professor and only answer if absolutely no one else is because I hate awkward silences and want them to always end immediately. That is this semester's struggle, which is better than previous semesters' struggles namely not going to class or leaving bed. Yeah mental wellness! 

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Hi this is the first one! The first ever! How fun for you! How fun for me!

I just finished my first week of what is most likely my last semester. I'm taking a VERY cool class called PR and the Presidency. We're going to be following the election, talking about what candidates are doing well and poorly from a public relations perspective and then eventually going into the role of PR in the office of the presidency. There is an even mix of Clinton, Trump and undecided voters so it's already pretty tense. I may be posting excepts of my projects for that class here

I'll probably also be talking about my World Geography class once that gets going just because it's human geography, so we're going to be discussing politics and economics and conflict and I just know my opinions are going to be Incredibly Strong.

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A Brief Introduction

Ginger Beer is a blog about things I like. Those things include baking, comic books, social justice, queer culture, rom coms, DIY and gardening.

I chose the name Ginger Beer because Moscow Mules are my favorite cocktail (that was invented to re-brand its components) and I am a bisexual nonbinary person (as ginger beer is rhyming slang for queer). I want to use this space to talk on both those topics: my profession, my favorite things and my identity as a queer person.

While the format won't be set in stone, I hope to include what I'm watching, reading, growing and making and some thoughts gender and sexuality every week. While I'm share myself, I also hope to learn about myself.

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