Consumption Report: Podcasts, Again!

Since my last report on the frankly too many podcasts I routinely listen to, I have stopped listening to podcasts and then started again with a whole new batch of fresh weekly content that is once again, overwhelming. Here are my new favs!

The Daily Zeitgeist from How Stuff Works
Dear reader, I have already lied to you because this is actually a daily podcast. Hosted by Jack O'Brien and Miles Grey, the Daily Zeitgeist is a comedy podcast covering daily news and the general vibe of what's capturing the attention of the nation. They have guests from the comedy and podcasting world to riff on daily stories and share their own thoughts and perspective, and work to capture the local and personal side of stories that feel large and removed. I highly recommend it if you want a well researched national news source with a comedic bent. 

Culture Kings from How Stuff Works
This comedy podcast covers culture in America from a black perspective.  Hosts Edgar Momplaisir, Jacquis Neal and Carl Tart are very talented comics and this is probably the podcast that makes me laugh out loud the most. The topics range from politics to basketball to TV, and although I started listening to it because as a while person raised in rural PA I have extremely limited knowledge of black culture, it's one of my must listens because it's a joy to listen to.
Recommended Episode: You Can't Cut a Tomato Without a Knife with Behzad Dabu

Queery from Earwolf
Cameron Esposito interviews queer people and it's funny, tear-jerking, informative and fills me with absolute joy. I love queer content because I feel so safe listening to it, and Queery does this for me exceptionally well. Cameron's interviewing style radiates warmth and compassion, and hearing her and her guests talk about marriage, presentation, identity, coming out and so much more in conversation is something I never knew I didn't have, but need.
Recommended Episode: Brittani Nichols

Off Book from Earwolf
I reluctantly began listening to this podcast after hearing many recommendations despite thinking it wasn't my thing. It is so, so my thing. Off Book is an improvised music podcast where Jessica McKenna, Zach Reino and a guest create a musical on the spot, every week, which is maybe the most difficult thing I can think of. Somehow it works every time. Even if musical comedy isn't your thing you should give it a chance, it's funny and weird and charming every time.
Recommended Episode: Odycheese with Griffin Newman

I also listen to many podcasts from Maximum Fun, including My Brother, My Brother and Me, The Adventure Zone, Tights and Fights, and Wonderful! They are currently in the midst of their annual #MaxFunDrive as they are a listener supported network, so if you listen to any podcasts on their network and have the means why not donate? I did at the $10 a month level and am receiving an unbelievably cute enamel pin, as well as access to days worth of bonus content.