I Make Stuff: Corogi Shirt!

I did another shirt design! I'm going to talk about how I made it for a little bit but I will not be describing it well and also am not great at graphic design.

So I thought of a pun like four months ago and have been wanting to make it a t-shirt but I don't have wi-fi in my house anymore and also was having Adobe problems. The pun is as follows:



Corogi. I love this pun, so much. He's my beautiful boy and my good son. This is how I made it.

Step One: I don't draw so I had to find images that were free for commercial use with modification. It's very important that if you want to make a design with the intent to sell it that you check the license on any images and (!!!) fonts. People don't remember the fonts, and ignore the images. Do not do this.

Step Two: figure out what works. This is some guess and check, to see what elements you want to use and how they all work together. In this example I only found one appropriately licensed pierogi image liked and a couple corgis. I wanted to use photography rather than clip or line art because if the quality is bad or the images are small you can kind of dumb down the quality, as you will see. And can see in the above image.

Step Three: editing! this is cropping the edges so the background is transparent, composing your images , adjusting colors. My Number One Tip for trying to remove the background if you can't use magic wand (God's Own Function) is zoom in a ton and polygon cropping looks choppy, use the eraser with hardness decreased a lot and go around the border. This keeps it from having hard edges. Then you can go it and select inside of your erased border and delete the rest of the background. I normally add a bright neon green background under the layer I just edited just to make sure I did't miss anything.

Step Four: Makin' it look all nice. I know but one way of doing this and that is image trace in Adobe Illustrator. It makes it look like a cohesive image, so long as you've adjusted all your colors. Because I don't understand editing software I then have to put it back in Photoshop and remove the background again but that's fine.

Step Five: Make that money. I upload designs to TeePublic and RedBubble at itsjane because it will not let me change my user name. Make sure you tag it real good and look at all the different products to make sure they look how you want. And that's really it! Do a design! It's great! People buy them! They eat that shit up!

So that's it! If there are other better ways of doing this I can learn please tell me because this design could definitely be better and if you're an artist who wants to draw this please, do it. I will buy it from you and share the profits. I love this pun and want to see it succeed in the world.