Consumption Report: Podcasts, Again!

Since my last report on the frankly too many podcasts I routinely listen to, I have stopped listening to podcasts and then started again with a whole new batch of fresh weekly content that is once again, overwhelming. Here are my new favs!

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I Make Stuff: Sourdough

If you follow me on twitter, then you know I've been propagating wild yeast for the purpose of making delicious, tangy, sourdough bread. I love baking and have been dancing around making bread more frequently. For a while I was baking with my mom's mixes and her white bread recipe, which I highly recommend for first time bread bakers, and then I tried the NYT's enriched white bread, which is good if you like a sweeter bread. But I recently read about the Blue Zone Diet who's scary test told me I was gonna die at 69 (nice) and part of the diet is "eat only 100 percent whole grain breads or authentic sourdough bread made from live cultures," so I took that as inspiration to make a starter and buy many kinds of dried beans (more on that in the future).

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Consumption Report: 2018 Reading List

Wow February went by super fast and I feel like I’ve gotten absolutely nothing done. I’ve been trying to get back into reading for a while. I used to be able to finish a book in a sitting when I was a kid, but my focus has been getting worse and worse (curses, technology!!! shaking fist at sky!!!). So in an attempt to just get it done I tried the #24in48 challenge/social media event where you read for 24 hours in two days. It was interesting, at first it was like pulling teeth but then when I hit the fiction I felt myself getting back in the flow. Here’s what I read for that and what else I plan on reading this year.

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I Make Stuff: Avengers Babies, A Predictive Text Script

I just learned about Botnik, which has produced some really cool stuff with predictive text including the viral Scrubs script, new Harry Potter chapter and hilarious Coachella lineup. I decided to try something using their predictive writer keyboard just for fun.

After brainstorming a few ideas, I chose by dumbest one - an Avengers Muppet Babies mashup. I used the Avengers (2012) script and the Muppet Babies "8 Take Away 1 = Panic!" script. It made me laugh so I'm posting it here. If you make something with Botnik please let me know! This is super cool technology and I'm really excited to see what else people do with it, and what I can do with it too.

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Queer in the Wild: Happy New Queer! A Lazy Pun To Start An Ambitious Year

2017 is buried and dead and we spent last night dancing on its grave. But now I want to get past all the terrible bullshit and have a nice life maybe. I’ve got all kinds of resolutions, including getting more involved in the DSA and improv comedy, keeping my house clean and eating a fruit and/or vegetable. I’ve got a reading list and a writing list and oh boy wouldn’t you know it, this is item one - actually post three times a month on this blog.

For my first entry of 2018 I wanted to write about something that’s been on my mind a lot these past few months: role models. As a trans person I think I have a tendency to pull other people into my identity, especially when I was a kid. At age 3, I would tell people “I’m a boy and my name’s Hercules.” When I wanted to be like Roy Rogers, I got a guitar and a pony and a buckskin getup. I think there’s still that kernel of wanting to be someone rather than wanting to be like them (#transitiongoals) and putting together this list outlining the qualities that I admire rather than just aspiring to their identity as a whole is a helpful exercise for me.

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Consumption Report: Why Do So Many Sitcoms Say Jagoff?

Full disclosure, either this post is going to be a vague and poorly researched stand alone, or a jumping off point into a mystery I've been fighting not to become obsessed with. Either way, it is destroying me and there is not a single other person who possibly cares about this.

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I Make Stuff: Corogi Shirt!

I did another shirt design! I'm going to talk about how I made it for a little bit but I will not be describing it well and also am not great at graphic design.

So I thought of a pun like four months ago and have been wanting to make it a t-shirt but I don't have wi-fi in my house anymore and also was having Adobe problems.

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Queer in the Wild: Come Out at the Open Mic

I feel like a universal experience among queer stand up comics is deciding how out you want to be. Stand up is a unique experience. When you're onstage, you're very vulnerable. You're talking about your life and experiences and trying to get the audience to relate to you, or at the very least sympathize. You want that common point of connection so you're material is accessible, and you're trying to subvert it in some way to make it funny.

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