Amy’s Smart Girls was started by actress Amy Poehler and produced Meredith Walker, later joined by Amy Miles, as a web series called “Smart Girls at the Party” designed to celebrate the diversity of women and inspire girls to “change the world by being yourself.” The web series gradually evolved into an online community for girls, parents and educators and a small summer camp for girls.

The now exists and a positive resource and safe space for girls, encouraging them in social activism, volunteerism, political involvement, community outreach and self-expression through the arts.

As the founders are all highly public women and the platform is highly engaged on social media, this organization needs a proactive public relations campaign.

Situation Analysis

  • Twitter: 62.3k followers
  • Facebook: 689k likes
  • YouTube: 118k subscriber, 5m views
  • Google+: 108k followers, 2m views
  • Pinterest: 7k followers
  • Instagram: 30.8k followers
  • Tumblr: unknown

As an online platform, Smart Girl’s is very active across all of their social networks. Their most powerful channel is YouTube. Their content is highly engaging and their community is very passionate.

However, social carries a much higher risk of an error in judgment over content or timing, or very public mistakes in general. It is of the utmost necessity to be active in screening content and monitoring online brand sentiment.


  • Strengths – strong, passionate and engaged community and users
  • Weaknesses – very low budget, very specific target
  • Opportunities – popular and growing niche, plethora of user generated content
  • Threats – easier for competition to emerge, short attention span of audience

Creative Brief

Client: Amy’s Smart Girls

Put public relations measures in place to continue successful growth of community.

1. Generate more media coverage
2. Reduce unnecessary risk
3. Increase website visits and social media engagement

Target Audience:
Women 15 – 25 they’re independent thinkers, future focused, aware of social issues and active online and in their communities.

How are we reaching this target:
Social media and web

What do they think:
They do not have an awareness of Smart Girls or are only aware of Amy Poehler’s involvement.

What do we want them to think:
That Smart Girls is a supportive, inspirational and trustworthy community that can help them achieve their dreams.

Celebrity endorsements, strong online community, female empowerment

“Change the world by being yourself.”

Upbeat, colorful but professional

Become active in community

Set up social media policy, press kit,

Example Press Release Rewrite

Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls Teams up with Legendary Entertainment

Legendary Entertainment, owners of viral entertainment platforms Nerdist and Geek & Sundry, has now acquired Amy Poehler’s community for female empowerment, Smart Girls at the Party.

Smart Girls has rocketed from its start as a web series in 2008, with now over five million views on YouTube, and in addition to continuing its multi-platform branded content, the community now has access to Legendary’s resources, including, advertising, marketing, audience development and production infrastructure, meaning Smart Girls can now create better content and grow its community.

“We at Smart Girls are excited to be working with Legendary and look forward to providing funny and inspirational content for all of the goofballs out there,” said Poehler.

“All of us at Legendary are thrilled to be aligned with the iconic and inspiring Amy Poehler and her team at Smart Girls.  Amy, Meredith and Amy have created a special online community for young women that will fit naturally with our digital efforts,” stated Rosenblum.  “We genuinely look forward to supporting the growth of their brand and influence across our digital platform.”

Legendary’s acquired Chris Hardwick’s Nerdist and launched its digital division in 2013, and recently added Felicia Day and Wil Wheaton’s Geek & Sundry. Legendary’s television division has also recently announced a Netflix original series LOVE from Judd Apatow, Paul Rust and Lesley Arfin.

Source: Amy Poehler's Smart Girls
Image Credit: Amy Poehler's Smart Girls